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House Point Bar - Updated 21/11/2017

Jaguars 5548...points
Panthers 5655...points
Lynx 5693...points
Leopard 5446...points

The House System is an integral part of the lives of pupils, parents and staff at DESS. Every pupil and member of staff (with the exception of the PE team) belong to one of the our 4 Houses: Jaguars, Leopards, Lynx and Panthers. The House system helps to create a sense of belonging within the wider DESSC family and it fosters an ethos of teamwork and community spirit.

Throughout the year, children are encouraged to take part in and support a variety of fun activities and events to earn points for their House. The House system actively reinforces our Rights and Responsibilities charter, both achievement and participation are celebrated regularly through phase and year group assemblies.

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