‘Science is irresistible at DESS!’

At DESS we aim to provide a stimulating and irresistible learning experience for all our children. As such our Science curriculum plays an integral part in fostering our student’s natural curiosity, developing  their enquiry and critical thinking skills and igniting a passion for discovery and learning.

Across the school Science is delivered through a practical, inquiry-based curriculum where children are encouraged to ask questions, put forward their own and challenge other’s ideas and through investigation and exploration find answers.

During science lessons, students develop the skills of planning, hypothesising, predicting, observing, measuring, classifying, interpreting data, inferring and communicating. Skills that students often translate into their other areas of study ensuring a truly immersive, cross curricular experience. Where possible lessons are contextualised giving students a relevance to their learning and a greater understanding of the world around them.

At DESS we believe that our curriculum helps prepare our students for success in an increasingly scientific and technological world, develops an understanding of their roles as Global citizens and their responsibility to care for the world in which we live. In addition our students will also have a growing knowledge of scientific ideas and innovations and the impact of scientific discovery on the lives we lead.