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Transport at DESS is led by Mrs. Tracey Sullivan. For any question, please contact Tracey by visiting the school or via email.
All relevant documents can be downloaded by using the links on this page.


Principal’s Message

Andrew Gibbs - DESS Principal

Andrew Gibbs, Principal

How effective, successful and happy a school community is, will be influenced by a range of factors – the key determinant being the quality of leadership.

As Principal of DESS and DESC, and working with two experienced and talented senior leadership teams, Andrew Gibbs is a highly knowledgeable educator and strategic leader. He exudes an energy and enthusiasm for education in general and specifically DESS and DESC. Read More

Headteacher’s Message

Catherine Dando, Headteacher

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to DESS, where we aim to be the home of irresistible learning.

We are also very proud to be the oldest British school in The United Arab Emirates, established in 1963 by Sheikh Rashid, former Ruler of Dubai. The school is a not-for profit establishment administered by a Board of Governors Read More