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DESS Communicator

DESS Communicator is the principle method of communication we use to share information with parents on general issues about the School or events involving your child. Personal or confidential communications will be made with you via email.

The key areas are;

  • NEWS (short paragraphs of information)
  • RESOURCES (where we upload letters, forms, handbooks, etc., for you to access)
  • ALERTS. Alerts are very short, important but not critical, messages when we need to alert you to something relevant. Alerts appear on your Communicator as a red pop-up, so that you don’t miss them.

The main School contacts can be found on Communicator . Important upcoming events can be found on the Calendar link.

The DESS Communicator is a free application that runs on your computer. Information is automatically updated every time we add new content. The Communicator launches every morning, so you can see our latest news and all we ask is that you check at least once a day, if you can. You can personalise Communicator so that you only receive information relating to your child(ren) being at DESS.


The free download instructions are here .

DESS Communicator is also available as a mobile (mobi) website on your Smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry and Android) or Tablet (iPad, Galaxy Tab etc.). So, no matter where you are you don’t have to be out of touch. DESS Communicator mobi site is available to anyone with an internet enabled device. Just type in the address and select Dubai English Speaking School (DESS) from the list. That’s it!!

A FREE dedicated APP for iphone, ipad and Blackberry users is now available for download;



Please contact the D6 Communicator support team if you experience any problems installing the software –

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